Positive Temperature
Coefficient (PTC) Heaters

Our second generation positive temperature coefficient heaters can improve the reliability, efficiency and operational life of electrical equipment by automatically maintaining an enclosure temperature only slightly higher than the outside ambient temperature without using a thermostat or controls, thereby protecting against heat damage and condensation. The second generation version performs this function better than the original heater with a higher velocity fan while taking up less space and having no need for any special mounting platforms.

These economically-priced electrical cabinet heaters use a variable resistance (current limiting) material that automatically controls cabinet temperature. During cold weather when significant heat is required to reach the a thermostat setting, the heater’s integral circulating fan moves warm air around the cabinet, maintaining even heat distribution and providing uniform condensation protection as opposed to traditional strip heaters that oftentimes drive temperatures well above desirable levels in the areas around them.

For second generation heater specifications and detailed photos, please download our Positive Temperature Coefficient Heater brochure. You can also contact your sales representative or fill out our Waukesha® Components Request Form.