Load Tap Changer Fleet Assessment Program

Prolec GE Waukesha’s Components Group has developed a patented LTC-focused predictive analysis tool which uses your existing historical dissolved gas analysis (DGA) and oil quality data to identify assets most in need of maintenance.

LTC Oil Assessment

Benefits of Participation

Program enrollment is free of charge and allows for the following benefits:

  • Technical assistance to format data to be exported from your database
  • Cleansing of that data by our experts in preparation of the analysis
  • Access to a customized LTC Fleet Assessment Report containing a detailed condition assessment of each LTC within your fleet based on a proprietary LTC Guidance Factor to determine the condition of each LTC
  • Review of the report and Prolec GE Waukesha recommendations
  • Quarterly reports upon submission of new DGA and oil quality data

Maintenance Program Options

Your customized LTC Fleet Assessment Report provides information to help plan for unit-specific maintenance intervals. Following submission and review of the report, Prolec GE Waukesha can also support these maintenance needs through a variety of discounted program options:

  • Creation of an annual outage scope definition
  • Development of a master outage schedule
  • Lease kits for certain LTC categories
  • Warehouse inventory optimization

Additional Support

  • Continual planning support
  • Engineering support
  • LTC training
  • Waukesha® Service support

For more information, please download our LTC Fleet Assessment brochure. You can also contact your sales representative or fill out our Waukesha® Components Request Form.