Testing To ANSI, IEEE
& NEMA Standards

Prior to shipment, highly trained factory experts using accurate state-of-the-art equipment conduct testing on all Waukesha® transformers in accordance with the latest ANSI, IEEE and/or NEMA standards. Our test system is verified for conformance with the requirements of IEEE C57.12.00-2015, Section 9.4.

Power Transformer Manufacturing
SPX Transformer electric


• Ratio and Polarity
• Power Factor
• Winding Resistance
• No-Load Loss and Excitation Current
• Load Loss and Impedance
• CT Current, Ratio and Polarity
• IEEE/ANSI Standard Impulse Test
• Applied Potential
• IEEE/ANSI Induced Voltage Test with Partial Discharge Test
• Control Functions and Wiring
• Dissolved Gas Analysis
• Dew Point (only “routine” for transformers shipped without oil)

Number of optional/special tests may be performed upon request at additional cost. These may include (but are not limited to):
• Temperature Rise
• Time Constant Temperature Rise
• Overload Temperature Rise
• Switching Surge Impulse
• Sound Level
• Frequency Response Analysis

Prolec GE Waukesha maintains permanent records of all test results, and certified test reports are provided to the customer for every transformer shipped.


Prolec GE Waukesha’s transformer manufacturing facilities welcome hundreds of customers to its plants each year who personally witness the testing of their units. Comfortable customer lounges with high speed internet connections, cable television and a variety of refreshments allow people the opportunity to work and relax during test transitions and employee breaks. Experienced application engineers and others are always available to walk customers through the plants, if desired, explaining our processes and equipment with detailed dialog from those actually manufacturing our transformers on the plant floor.