Power Transformer Accessories & Health Products

Prolec GE Waukesha offers a wide range of accessories to enhance safety, reduce maintenance and monitor the performance of power transformers.


  • Magnetic oil level indicator
  • High voltage and low voltage bushings
  • Oil temperature indicator
  • Hot dipped galvanized radiators
  • Drain valve and oil sampling valve
  • Lifting lugs on tank (for lifting complete oil-filled transformer)
  • Oversized type 3R control box
  • Lifting lugs on cover (for lifting cover only, if necessary)
  • Mechanical pressure relief device
  • Jacking facilities at each corner of the transformer base
  • Diagrammatic aluminum nameplate
  • Fall protection system


  • Multi-ratio, bushing-type current transformers (CTs) for relaying service
  • Surge arresters
  • Grounding devices, such as reactors and resistors
  • De-energized tap changer (DETC)
  • Load tap changers — Waukesha® UZD®, Reinhausen RMV-II, etc.
  • Conservator oil preservation systems
  • Stainless steel nameplates
  • Various monitoring devices for gas, oil and winding temperatures; power factor; moisture; etc.
  • Most customer-specified accessories
  • Transformer Health Products®
On Load Tap Changer
Transformer LTC Upgrades


Our Components Group in Dallas, Texas, manufactures a group of Transformer Health Products® designed to increase reliability and life of your transformer while lowering the cost of maintenance. Although branded together for the same end result, each of these components offers its own unique functionality.

​2nd Generation Nitrogen Generator

Prolec GE Waukesha’s nitrogen generator produces nitrogen from the air we breathe, providing a continuous, on-demand source of pure, dry nitrogen to protect and maintain the nitrogen blanket on sealed transformer tanks. Notable features include the following:

  • Produces nitrogen at 120 psi instead of the traditional 3000 psi of a standard nitrogen cylinder; lower pressure means less system leaks
  • Maintains transformer tank pressure between 0.2 and 5.5 psi to protect transformer oil from oxidation and moisture absorption
  • Eliminates the need to transport and replace nitrogen bottles and the potential risk of maintenance personnel soft tissue injuries

Inert Air Systems

Using a standard nitrogen bottle, these positive pressure/regulated systems protect transformer oil in the main tank from oxidation and moisture absorption by keeping tank pressure at proper preset levels.

​2nd Generation LTC
Oil Filtration Systems

Designed to be installed on most LTC models to remove carbon and metallic particles produced during normal LTC operation, our 2nd generation oil filtration system helps keep oil in peak condition with minimal maintenance.

Dual Column Breather

During regeneration, a heating element located inside the Dual Column Breather assembly heats the partially saturated silica gel, driving moisture out. This moisture condenses on the borosilicate glass, forming free water, which then flows down the glass and out the bottom vent.

Single Column Breather

Our Single Column Breather utilizes vacuum switch technology to sense when the transformer is inhaling, ensuring that moist air is not introduced into the oil. If this interruption occurs, the control firmware “teaches” the breather to shift the next regeneration to an ideal time.

Heat Source ONE

Our Heat Source ONE heaters are constructed with a variable resistance (current limiting) material that automatically controls the cabinet temperature to reduce heater output as the input temperature rises. PTC heating “stones” moderate the heater output and ensure an even distribution of warm air throughout the cabinet, increasing heater reliability and efficiency.

​2nd Generation Positive
Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Heaters

Our Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heater automatically maintains an enclosure temperature only slightly higher than the outside ambient temperature without using a thermostat or controls thereby protecting against heat damage and condensation.