Meet Territory General Manager, Perry Reeder

Posted: July 19, 2021

What is your role? What are your day to day activities?
My role is one of an ambassador. My “day-to-day” consists of providing support and guidance to multiple internal teams and customers, working towards a mutually beneficial outcome for all involved.

How long have you been at SPX Transformer Solutions? How have you seen your career grow during that time?
I have been at SPXTS for 14 years. My career with SPXTS is one of diversification and growth, having the distinct pleasure of being a part of very talented teams at each of the three product/service groups during that time.

What is your favorite part about working for SPX Transformer Solutions?
My favorite part of my job would be the customers. Our country’s power grid is run and built by some of the most genuine, caring and honest people you will ever meet.

What has been the biggest challenge so far? How was it overcome?
I feel the pandemic has been the biggest challenge we’ve faced. We had to make assurances when things were unknown, solve issues in a perpetual state of problems and address cross-function team impacts so our customers and partners remained informed. We overcame this challenge with pragmatism: joining together as a team, communicating openly and taking tactical steps in the best interest of safety and commitments.

What would you say to someone interested in working for SPX Transformer Solutions?
SPXTS is a great company to call home, where people support each other for team and individual success.

Describe how you provide our customers value.
Honesty and respect are the keys to providing value to our customers. I am here to fulfill a need or solve a problem, and our customers require honest and accurate answers to make an informed decision that is equally in the best interest of both the customer and SPXTS. The best relationships are mutually beneficial ones, and these relationships flourish through ups and downs because of this honesty and mutual respect.

Tell us a time when you exceeded customers’ expectations?
I can think of many, as exceeding customer expectations is what we strive for every day. However, none of the examples I could cite involve just me. We exceed our customers’ expectations as a team, often with the customer right there with us, working together to achieve something very cool.

What advice would you give to an employee to be become better at focusing on the customer?
Always live The Waukesha® Experience. Customers doesn’t need to hear what you think they want to hear. They need simple solutions and well thought out options that meet their needs and help conquer their challenges. Customers are looking for someone to make their day productive and increase their ability to succeed and should always be our first thought. If we put our customers’ best interest at the forefront, the right outcome will always follow.

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